Light permeable, transparent and sound proofed.

Our Kandela® T38, Kandela® S26 and S40 door panels, and Kandela® SH38 acrylic sliding doors are made of translucent lightweight honeycomb panels and enable light permeable zoning of open space rooms, office rooms, or living spaces, or can be used as transparent room dividers. As an alternative to heavy glass partitions, Kandela® has similar sound-shielding properties and is easy to install. The honeycomb structure inside makes the panels very resistant to bending, yet lightweight, giving Kandela® doors a very light swing movement.


  • Light-weight, rigid and stable
  • Transparent (light permeable)
  • Design – Made in Germany
  • Excellent light scattering
  • Warm haptic (feel)

Kandela® T38 – Partition Walls

  • Frameless
  • Panel thickness: 38 mm
  • B1 flame resistant (DIN 4102)
  • Standard weight: ca. 5kg/m²
  • Sound insulation value: 24 bis 28 dB
  • Partially made from recycled plastic
  • Combines sound proofing and light transmission

Kandela® T40 – Partition Walls

  • All-round edge protection
  • Panel thickness: 40 mm
  • B1 flame resistant (DIN 4102)
  • Standard weight: ca. 5kg/m²
  • Sound insulation value: 24 bis 28 dB
  • Partially made from recycled plastic
  • Combines sound proofing and light transmission

Kandela® SH38 – Sliding Doors

  • Excellent sliding due to low weight
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • No fingerprints

Kandela® S26 und S40 – Design door (acrylic glass)

  • Gentle door swing-movement
  • Wind safe
  • Insensitive to dirt – no fingerprints
  • Good sound insulation, comparable to heavy wooden doors
  • Standard frame installation – reinforced hinges are not necessary


  • Offices / open-plan offices / open spaces
  • Industrial buildings
  • Art galleries, museums, exhibitions
  • Galleries
  • Living spaces
  • Office doors
  • Bathroom and WC doors
  • Interior doors

Our new product – T38+ absorber

Kandela® T38+ is a translucent frameless partition system made of innovative honeycomb plastic combined with efficient and fabric-covered absorber elements.


Kandela® T38 – Partition Walls

Kandela® T38 is a translucent frameless partition, made of innovative honeycomb plastic, providing a bright and pleasant office/open space atmosphere to meet the important requirements of today’s modern workspace. In addition, Kandela® T38 improves office acoustics, by sound-shielding between work areas, ensuring that disturbing noises from neighboring workspaces are suppressed. Kandela® T38 can be combined with the acoustically absorbent non-woven panel AV38. This is fabric-covered and available in various colors.

Kandela® T40 – Free-Standing Partition Walls

Due to their simple assembly and disassembly using U-profiles, they can flexibly redesign your office space in line with your new workspace requirements. The right wall for every room at the right time. Kandela® T40 is lightfast (color true) as well as water and impact resistant and has fire protection class B1 (DIN 4102). With a sound insulation value of 24 dB (PETG) to 28 dB (PMMA), it is ideal for zoning work and sitting areas and for sound shielding. Kandela® T40 does not require an aluminium frame and is instead screwed to the floor and ceiling using 4 metal connectors. This system is implemented when individual walls are placed in the room space.

Kandela® SH38 – Sliding Doors

The diffusely translucent Kandela® SH38 sliding doors with transparent, colorless satin or white satin acrylic surfaces provide privacy and have a warm, pleasant feel compared to sliding glass doors. They are insensitive to dirt and, with a thickness of 38 mm, are very stable and resistant to bending. If transparent cover layers are used, a slight dividing effect is created due to the honeycomb structure inside, but a view through the sliding doors is still possible. With a colorless satin or white-satin surface, the division effect is more pronounced and only shadows are visible.

Kandela® S26 und S40 – Doors

The three-dimensional depth effect and organic liveliness of the honeycomb structure make Kandela® doors an absolute eye-catcher. The door lock is integrated into the door, including the stainless-steel trim it has a minimalist, elegant design. The hinges are embedded into the high-quality edge of the door. Kandela® doors also offer good sound insulation comparable to that of a heavy wooden door.
Kandela® S26 and S40 doors impress with their lightness and translucency. The combination of a transparent plastic honeycomb core with acrylic glass surfaces creates rigid yet lightweight doors, perfectly aligned with the frame. Unlike heavy glass doors, the lightweight Kandela® door can be installed in standard frames; reinforced hinge pockets are not necessary.

The door design has been kept simple and minimalistic. Depending on the viewing angle, the honeycomb structure gives lively visual effects, as well as three-dimensional depth. You can choose between clear transparency and/or diffuse light scattering. The door creates a partition effect, but at the same time the room is not visually closed. This door innovation perfectly complements today’s open design of modern office environments.

Wacosytems received the IF Material Award and the Interzoom Design Award for this innovative development. Kandela® S26 is a wall flush door with a depth of 26 mm and fits into the standard frames of wooden doors. Kandela® S40 with a depth of 40 mm comes with a height of up to 3m and is designed for frames with 40mm flush insert.
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