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Our honeycomb material is characterised by lightness and stability, which makes them versatile.

honeycomb insulation material TIMax CA

translucent insulation material TIMax GF10

honeycomb material WaveCore

honeycomb material for flow straightening


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It is our goal to implement a sustainability concept not only for our products, but for the entire Wacosystems company, including the production building.

Transparent honeycomb panels

ViewPan® translucent honeycomb panels are translucent, rigid and particularly lightweight with surfaces made of PET plastic or PMMA (acrylic). ViewPan® can be used over large areas in all standard frames. Partition walls, backlit light walls and suspended ceiling elements are just a small selection of the possible applications.

With cover layers of PETG transparent (1.5mm) and satin (2mm).

The flame-retardant top layers made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
create a high-quality honeycomb panel with B1 fire protection properties.

Especially with transparent face sheets, ViewPan® PET is available in many formats.

Satinised face sheets can be realised in many colours, thanks to an innovative printing technique.

ViewPan® PET in transparent ist das kostengünstigste Material.

ViewPan® PET in transparent ist das kostengünstigste Material.

ViewPan® PET in transparent ist das kostengünstigste Material.

With cover layers of acrylic (Plexiglas) in 3mm thickness.

Visually and haptically very high quality, but normally flammable with regard to fire protection properties.

Stable edges up to 10 mm thick can be attached to the panels, to which e.g. fittings can be screwed. Therefore also suitable for sliding doors.

In satin finish ViewPan® PMMA is more scratch resistant than ViewPan® PET.

A selection of colours can be realised through dyed cast acrylic face sheets.

Eine Auswahl von Farben kann durch durchgefärbte gegossene Acryl-Deckschichten realisiert werden.


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