Honeycomb waterjet cutting pad

During water jet cutting, the material to be processed is separated by a high-pressure water jet. As a rule, the workpieces to be cut require a carrier/a cutting support which is usually designed as a honeycomb element. Our WaveCore ® plastic honeycomb has been used as a reusable cutting pad for years. Especially for clean water jet cutting systems.

Due to the honeycomb structure of the WaveCore ® cutting pad, the water jet only comes into contact with the edge of the honeycomb and is then dispersed without bouncing, which allows a perfect cut of the part.


• Reusable solution that protects the environment
• Partially made of recycled PET plastic
• Available in thicknesses from 10mm to 160mm, with 9mm or 18mm hole width
• Light weight and thus easy installation
• Very low moisture absorption and fast drying
• Cost-effective alternative compared to metal honeycombs


• Clean water jet cutting
• Polypropylene foam (EPP)
• expanded polystyrene (EPS foam) Styrofoam ®
• PUR polyurethane foam
• Elastomers, various rubber materials
• Nonwovens, plastics, e.g. acrylic and polycarbonate

Clean water jet cutting is the ideal cutting method for soft materials without the addition of abrasive cutting agents. The fine water jet serves as a tool for separating almost all plastics, foams and elastomers of different thicknesses. Pure water jet cutting is the optimal manufacturing solution for the processing of heat-sensitive materials, since it is a cold cutting process. The material is not subject to thermal influences that could burn the material or cause microcracks.

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