Translucent, frameless room partitions made of innovative honeycomb plastic for flexible zoning and sound proofing.

These spatial hanging screen divisions give you a new light-open room design. The Kandela® B27 acoustic panel system is very discreet and an ideal way to divide large rooms without making a visually radical intervention, depending on its use. In addition, the Kandela® B27 acoustic baffles are sound shielding. They prevent direct sound dissemination between work areas and can be combined with the acoustically absorbent nonwoven AV25 panels. The acoustic load, especially in larger rooms, is then notably reduced.


• Translucent
• Lightweight and stable
• Available in many formats
• Sound-insulating
• B1 fire protection (DIN 4102)
• Combinating with AV25 sound absorbing acoustic panels (fleece) is possible


• Offices / open-plan offices / open spaces
• Call centers
• Flexible zoning of large rooms (canteen, large kitchens, factories)
• Exhibition stands
• Galleries
• Schools
• Workspaces with 2 or more desks


Suspended room dividers – so-called acoustic baffles – are simultaneously efficient acoustic and design elements. The light and open zoning elements help to visually divide rooms. In addition to their sound-absorbing properties, they also reduce the disturbing noise dissemination into the full depths of the office/room space. A sound shadow is created behind the baffle element which inhibits the sound source thereby reducing acoustic pollution, especially in very large rooms.

If the absorbent baffle elements are fabric-covered or combinated with our Kandela® B27 honeycomb elements, their acoustic function is retained while additional window elements are created, since partial transparency is possible. This results in colored, acoustically effective baffle systems with transparent areas. Rope suspensions and/or connectors for these elements are included in the product range.

These frameless elements, whose lightness and stability are created by their honeycomb core, are made of transparent, partially recycled PETG plastic.

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