Sustainability and environmental protection is the responsibility of us all

It is our goal to implement a sustainability concept not only for our products, but for the entire Wacosystems company, including the production building.

As part of our corporate environmental protection concept, we installed a photovoltaic system with 290 solar modules on the roof of our production hall in Herford in 2019/20 and have since been generating a large part of the electricity we need ourselves – in an environmentally friendly and climate-neutral way.

Using the energy of nature in an integrated way

The solar electricity is first used for production. Surplus electricity is then used to fill the company’s own energy storage system. This is designed in terms of capacity so that it supplies the required electricity in the evening, at night and in the early morning. Once the storage unit is charged, electric vehicles belonging to the company’s staff can be supplied with solar power via charging stations. Only when there is no more demand is surplus electricity fed into the grid.

Products for open spaces

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