Room-high partition wall systems with absorber elements

Light transmitting, sound absorbing and sound shielding.

This combination of sound shielding and acoustic absorption provides a bright ambience in open space environments with efficient room acoustics.



  • Frameless
  • Panel thickness: 38 mm
  • Maximum format: 3,020 x 1,200 mm
  • Design Made in Germany
  • Fabric colour can be selected individually
  • Evaluated sound insulation value
    Rw (C; Ctr) = 26 (-1; -2) dB
  • Rated sound absorption coefficient
    αw = 0,35 (MH)
  • Sound absorber class D

Kandela® T38 – Partition Wall

  • Frameless
  • Panel thickness: 38 mm
  • B1 flame resistant (DIN 4102)
  • Standard weight: ca. 5kg/m²
  • Sound insulation value: 24 bis 28 dB
  • Partially made from recycled plastic
  • Combines sound proofing and light transmission


  • Offices / open-plan offices / open spaces
  • Industrial buildings
  • Art galleries, museums, exhibitions
  • Galleries
  • Living spaces
  • Office doors
  • Bathroom and WC doors
  • Interior doors

Transparent wall system for a new acoustic room design

The innovative absorber panel convinces with an acoustically high-quality screen construction with an internal sound-shielding partition layer made of a wood-fibre composite panel and an acoustic fleece on both sides, which can be covered in various fabric colours or individually printed.

In this way, the multifunctional partition wall system ensures that the noise level and the reverberation time in the office are reduced, which noticeably improves speech intelligibility. Even frequencies below 100 Hz are effectively absorbed.

In addition, this multifunctional system impresses with its very simple and quick installation, which is also possible during operation.

General partition walls T38 and door systems


Raumhohe Trennwände T38+

Referenzprojekte von T38