A unique interplay of light transmission and sound insulation with depth.

Kandela® ST27 is a lightweight translucent movable wall that can be used to zone rooms easily and quickly. The Kandela® ST27 sound shielding element is very well suited to reduce sound dissemination in open-plan offices, especially if acoustic absorbers are already present (e.g. Kandela® AV25 movable walls, acoustically effective floor coverings or acoustic ceilings). Our transparent variant preserves room depth, while the inside honeycomb structure produces varying effects – from full transparency to a diffuse play of light, depending on the viewing angle.


• Translucent
• Lightweight and stable
• Flexible re-location
• Sound insulating
• BI fire protection (DIN 4102)
• Innovative honeycomb optics


• Offices / open-plan offices / open spaces
• Call centers
• Flexible zoning of large rooms, e.g. canteens, kitchens, factories
• Reception areas
• Exhibition stands
• Galleries / museums / exhibition rooms


Kandela® ST27 is a frameless high-quality movable wall, combined with state-of-the-art light-opening design, providing a cost-effective and easy-to-transport alternative to glass partitions. These movable walls allow for flexible zoning of spaces and separation of specific areas without losing the feeling of room openness. The discreet transparency of this partition preserves room depth and the architecture of the space remains intact. Light dispersion differs from full transparency to a diffuse play of light, depending on the viewing angle. The ST27 room dividers made of innovative honeycomb plastic are lightfast (color true), washable and impact resistant. Currently, these partitions are available in transparent, satin (like frosted glass) or in acoustic fleece (AV25). Please ask for special colors according to RAL or Pantone.

The Kandela® ST27 has a positive influence on room acoustics due to its sound-absorbing properties. The application of this movable wall is ideal if acoustic absorbers in the floor area (e.g. carpet) or in the ceiling already exist. This movable wall then acts as a reflective surface that guides the sound to such absorbing surfaces. Disturbing sound sources are shielded and sound dissemination is reduced.

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