Another application of WaveCore is in air flow straighteners. Turbulent air flows can be converted into laminar, directional flows with the help of honeycomb structures. They are therefore an important design element for air outlets of ventilation ducts. They can however, also be used for wind tunnels, filters and in air-conditioning technology.


• Minimal pressure loss, due to patented honeycomb geometry
• No dead spaces in the honeycomb -> contamination minimized
• Lightweight, but high compressive strength
• Thickness range from 5mm to 160mm
• Hole width available in 9mm and 18mm
• Temperature application range from -15°C to +70°C
• B1 fire protection (DIN 4102)
• Can be cut to size, also available as round elements


• Laminar flow rectification
• Air curtains
• Wind tunnels, measuring devices
• Ventilation ducts, air outlets

WaveCore smooths the air flow through the honeycomb profiles, providing a good, reproducible flow measurement signal. In addition, they can be used to create a so-called air curtain, which is used in department store entrances or refrigerated cabinets (supermarkets) with open access areas.

To generate a good flow profile, a ratio of honeycomb thickness (hole length) to hole diameter of approx. factor 6 is recommended. Our WaveCore PET150/9-S honeycomb has a hole width of 9mm, achieving ideal laminar air flow as of 50mm thickness.

The wall thickness of these honeycomb cells is very thin (0.15mm) and there are no dead spaces in the honeycomb geometry, minimizing any contamination.


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