ViewPan PET / PMMA

Transparent honeycomb panels with surfaces made of PET or PMMA (acrylic)

ViewPan® translucent honeycomb panels are translucent, rigid and particularly lightweight with surfaces made of PET plastic or PMMA (acrylic). ViewPan® can be used over large areas in all standard frames. Partition walls, backlit light walls and suspended ceiling elements are just a small selection of the possible applications.

Using a specially developed adhesive technique, the PET surfaces are firmly bonded to the transparent honeycomb core (Wavecore® with 18 mm cell width). Achieved is a design panel with three-dimensional depth and special optical effects due to its honeycomb geometry. Depending on the viewing angle, the optical effect varies between full transparency and diffuse light scattering.

The honeycomb core creates interesting lighting effects when the walls are backlit over a large area. Effect lighting using LEDs on the edges of the honeycomb elements is also feasible, in which case only the edges appear bright.


ViewPan PET

• Light permeable / translucent
• Low weight and high rigidity
• Impact resistant
• B1 fire protection (DIN 4102)
• Large variety of standard panel formats
• Cost effective
• Good thickness tolerance
• Good sound insulation (24 to 26 dB)

ViewPan PMMA (Acrylic Glass)

• High quality plastic with glass-like properties
• Lightfast in many color variants
• Edge also available in 10mm for screw connections
• Normal flammability
• Satin surfaces are relatively scratch resistant
• Good sound insulation (28dB)


• Translucent sliding doors / doors
• High quality translucent walls
• Tabletops for conference tables and desks
• Museums or showrooms
• Store-design


ViewPan PET

The standard surfaces of ViewPan® PET are colorless (fully transparent) or colorless satin (diffusely translucent). Further variations are possible by applying colors in RAL or Pantone shades to the surface layers. ViewPan® PET is easy to machine (drill or saw) and can be cut to size. Furthermore, ViewPan® PET can be provided with a high-quality edge seal, made of the same material as the surfaces.

Thanks to its good fire protection properties, ViewPan® PET is ideal for use in exhibition stand construction, translucent ceiling elements as well as permanently installed walls in public spaces.

The honeycomb panel thickness can be flexibly adjusted from 19mm to 76mm by cutting the transparent honeycomb core. This means that ViewPan® PET can be used in all standard frame and ceiling systems. For suspended luminous ceilings, we work with the common grid dimensions 60x60cm, 120x120cm and 62.5×62.5cm. The honeycomb panels are easy to install in corresponding frames due to their low weight. The special light diffusion resulting from the honeycomb structure ensures pleasant illumination without shadows.

ViewPan PMMA Acrylglas

ViewPan® PMMA panel core is made of crystal-clear PET plastic with an 18 mm honeycomb cell width (WaveCore®). This is bonded on both sides with transparent, satin and/or colored cover layers made of PMMA (acrylic glass). A special crystal-clear adhesive permanently bonds the honeycomb and cover layers. The result is a lightweight, rigid and translucent honeycomb composite panel. Depending on the viewing angle, the honeycomb structure produces interesting optical effects as well as a three-dimensional depth effect. The range varies between fully see-through and diffuse light scattering.

ViewPan® PMMA panels are used in doors/sliding doors, but also as wall elements, due to their very elegant look and feel. The satin finished ViewPan® PMMA range has good scratch resistance and are therefore also popular as tabletops. The material feels warm to the touch and unlike glass panels, no fingerprints are left behind when touched.

ViewPan® PMMA is easy to machine (drill or saw) and can be cut to size. Furthermore, ViewPan® PMMA has a high-quality edge seal made of the same material as the surfaces. The standard edge is 3 mm thick. There is also a 10 mm thick edge option, which is suitable for screw connections. The ViewPan® PMMA color variants in frost satin have translucent surfaces made of colored cast acrylic glass. They are available in a wide range of frosted colors.

Product world of VIEWPAN PET / PMMA

Partition Walls and Doors


Standing walls




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