TIMax CA, transparent insulation material (TIM) for solar collectors


TIMax® CA is a transparent honeycomb structure with optimized light transmission. A TIMax® CA honeycomb structure with approx. 80 mm thickness has a higher light transmission than a glass pane with 4mm thickness. Due to their high light transmission, TIMax® CA honeycomb structures are usually used in horizontal orientation as transparent thermal insulation for solar storage collectors or as light scattering elements in rooflights or light domes.

TIMax® CA is a honeycomb structure made of a special CA plastic material with excellent thermal insulation properties. TIMax® CA achieves its good insulation effect through a standing air cushion, which is generated by the air trapped in the honeycomb cells. The use of a special plastic material allows the absorption of infrared radiation, so that heat losses due to radiation are minimized. The wall thickness of the honeycomb bars is very low in order to prevent thermal bridges. The plastic is UV-stable, temperature-stable and environmentally friendly, as it is made from renewable raw materials. A flame-retardant version is available as a custom-made product.

  • very high transparency/light transmission
  • U-value of 1,0 W/m²K for 80 mm thickness
  • very good UV stability
  • Temperature stability 140°C short-term, 100°C long-term
  • visually appealing, partial transparency possible
  • flame-retardant type (B1) on request

  • Translucent insulation insert for storage collectors
  • Translucent insulation insert for flat plate collectors with overheating protection only